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Another Trip Around the Sun

This was no ordinary year. Obviously the pandemic has posed new challenges and exposed old hurdles that have haunted the music industry over the last 18 months - but personally, this year has been exhilarating!

A little over a year ago I would punch in and out of my laboratory position - extremely unhappy. The people were fun to work with and the pay was great, so how could I step away with a family to provide for? God has a funny way of shaking you up.

I'm extremely passionate - about everything. Hyper-emotional. To a fault. That goes the other way too; if I'm not personally and professionally passionate about something, I find myself failing. Losing a job is never easy. It's embarrassing, defeating, and can rev up that engine of self-doubt and deprecation.

Honestly it took a minute for me to see the light, but as businesses began opening, I was able to slowly establish myself as musical act in Northern Michigan. With the unwavering support of my beautiful wife and family, I was able to grow from one weekly show, quickly to two, three, and four per week.

Since May I have been enjoying the fruits of those efforts by keeping a full schedule of shows Wednesday-Thursday, with over 80 solo engagements played, and shared the stage with numerous acts across the state.

I've been blessed this year to travel to Nashville, Chicago, and whole host of venues across Michigan. 2022 is going to be even bigger, with the release of my first studio album, and stretching my geographical footprint.

Musically, I've been able to take time and invest in personal practice. This has paid off immensely through the development of my "One-Man-Band" act. The reception that I receive is both humbling and motivating.

I appreciate each of you who has made it out to a show, taken the time to share a post, or watch a video. I've been dreaming of this phase of my life for 30 years. THANK YOU - from the bottom of my heart - for being here with me.

Without your ears, I'm just a dude making noise.

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