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Darrell Boger


Singer · Songwriter · Performer · Multi-instrumentalist

Darrell Boger is an award-winning guitarist from Kalkaska, Mi.  For the last 15 years DB has been playing in a number of bands both as a founding member and fill-in.  With an impressive  repertoire and extensive experience, audiences can't help being drawn in and engaged.  After only one short year of full-time performance Darrell was voted Traverse Magazine's Red Hot Best Artist/Maker 2022 for the area.  From Dinner Theaters to Dive Bars, Clubs to Casinos, DB has captivated crowds with a combination of unbridled soul and technical prowess.  With well over 2,000 shows under his belt, DB is as comfortable on the stage as he is off.  

Now accepting booking inquiries for both solo and full band performance.


- Acoustic Show: With just a guitar and/or piano and a microphone, Darrell entertains crowds of all ages and backgrounds with a wide variety of popular cover songs and memorable original material.

- Live-Looping Show: With the aid of a looper, Darrell becomes a veritable one-man-band.  Acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, two keyboards, and occasionally a horn or two make up the Live-Looping experience.  Creating a full band (completely live - no pre-recorded tracks) behind him, DB delivers popular covers and original songs in a completely unique fashion.

Full Band -

The Darrell Boger Band is a heavy hitting 'Rock-and-Soul' outfit from Northern Michigan.  Branding every cover and original with their highly energetic and passionate performance.  

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